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Adelaide, South Australia


I would like to thank Emily for the reading i received. Everything that came up applied to my life. She was spot on, I am so grateful and would recommend Emily to everyone. Thank you again Emily xxx



So the mint thing came to me in the car, my aunt used to buy those powdered mints in a tin especially for me when I would visit, I cried quite a bit on the drive home. After 35 years she is still by my side. I used to feel her presence a lot and haven't felt her for quite some time and had thought she maybe had come back again, so thank you for bringing her to me again.



I wasn't fully aware of how one incident snowballed and has affected me, and you brought that to my awareness.   I am very grateful for the suggestion of ways that I could clear and strengthen my spirit and also the reminder to not be so hard on myself and my choices.   This reading has brought much needed clarity in a time of confusion and I feel more confident knowing I can take the right steps in healing

Thank you Emily!



Thanks Emily, a beautiful reading and lovely words to finish with.



Emily is a talented person. She gave me the answers and perspective before asking my question. In addition, she has been able to answer other questions and clarify in details. Highly recommended!



I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my reading yesterday. I've felt uplifted and more positive ever since. It was a great awakening experience that I needed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Thank you Emily for being the voice of my spiritual guides! Their words were very insightful and accurate! I felt relaxed and comfortable and free to ask any question. I have had many readings through the years (usually with a psychic medium or a tarot reading) but I have never experienced anything quite like this. Having the ability to talk with my spiritual guides directly was very helpful. They expressed how much they loved me, gave me honest and valuable advice, and were able to answer all of my questions- often before I even asked them. Emily I am very impressed with the strength and depth of your connection with the spiritual world and grateful that you have shared this gift with me! I most appreciate the gentle tone with how you deliver the message and the clarity. I left feeling inspired and blessed. It was truly an amazing and enlightening experience and I highly recommend it to everyone... you will happy you did! Love and light, Namaste

Dr. Teresa Zeug D.C. 


I've had readings from Emily before - always very hopeful and full of light. This was different - I was surprised with 2 family members coming through. They offered enough specifics that I felt certain it was them coming through. The interaction was wonderful, it felt calming, and uplifting. It was a most intriguing experience.



On the 25th of November 2015 my husband passed over, it's was very unexpected for the family and was very hard to come to grips with. Emily was there for me throughout the mourning and has continued to be there to support me through the grief. In the early days she helped me get through one hour at a time one minute at a time she helped me breathe when I thought I couldn't possibly breathe again. She gave me hope and reminded me of the reason I need to continue to live to fulfil my life plan. She helped me feel a level of comfort that my husband was still with me and she interpreted and put into perspective my thoughts and signs. Emily is such a sincere person who I can honestly say I am blessed to know and love.  



Emily, your guidance is always a blessing. I find when I'm most lost, your wisdom is amazing and spot on. I enjoy reading all you have to say. It's like how do you know! Thank you for being you and who you are.



Just a quick note to say thanks so much for helping me with my imbalance. I must say I initially had reservations but after my first session I experienced a lightness and awareness I have not felt in years. After travelling from Sydney to Brisbane to meet her personally, I immediately connected with Emily on a spiritual basis and found her warm and nurturing with extensive knowledge and international experience ....I feel it was well worth the effort and I continue to consult with her.



After my reading with Emily I felt reassured that my strengths were in place, that I had all the tools necessary and that it was all right to go for it. My heart would lead. Prior to the reading I kept hesitating, feeling guilty, unfulfilled and fearful. She interpreted the energy with such clarity and insight and without any ego or drama; Emily is sincere, and accurate. Thank you for the reading and clarification during and after the session. Many Blessings.



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