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Adelaide, South Australia



June 23, 2019

Today I wanted to get you thinking about your Perspective, the ones you hold about yourself, others and life.


Your perspective is your personal responsibility. As most of you are aware Personal Responsibility is one of the seven principles of Spiritualism and speaks to us about who we are and how we interact with life on a daily basis.


We can’t live without perspective.  It is truly one of those wondrous aspects of our ego which actually is an essential part of our well-being.  It helps us monitor where we are in life, keeps us safe and helps us navigate through choices that need to be made. Life comes at us from many angles. How we react to that, is our interpretation of the facts and what we perceive.


Perspectives aren’t just about people or personal situations but also about how we see the world. Lord knows the world isn’t perfect, but Then Neither are we. That’s the crux.


In old English Perspective means to “look at closely” or “through”. We should look at what perspectives we hold and then look through them closely as to the “why” we see as we do.  So I ask you, What perspective are you holding onto today that may not be the truth? And Are they limiting you from experiencing and opening up to more in this world?


Your perspective limits your ability to see beyond what you would normally experience. And it’s important to get out there and experience different things, different people and  to get out of your comfort zone and explore. Don’t be afraid of exploring your perspective and seeing what you can see from a different angle.


We all make instant judgements within the first few seconds of meeting someone based on how they present themselves. And from these judgements we have made a story in our own head about that person and also about ourselves.  Whether this story is true or not, it’s now turned into a belief that you carry with you. 


Each of us holds ourselves up to a higher standard than most other people would judge us. Then we judge others as harshly as we judge ourselves. Look at your belief systems and you will see how your perspectives are tainted by those.


Belief comes in many forms, not only in religious and spiritual terms but also in social terms.  “What you see is what you get”. “Never Judge a book by its cover”, yet we believe both these statements. We all make judgements about what is right or wrong from our own view point depending on our own set of morals and virtues.  We each hold a perspective on life that has been formed on our experience throughout this life.  Is it right or wrong? Its neither.


What about experiences that you have had in the past that you now have your own thoughts and beliefs on? Are you open to revisiting these experiences to gain a different perspective? How many of you still hold a childhood experience in which you still carry hurt and pain over? I’m not saying you’re not justified in doing so, but do you feel that you could look at it again from a different perspective, perhaps from an spiritual one?


Recently I went to a meditation and I was asked to bless all those people from my past, including those who had hurt me. This was actually a deeply emotional experience for me. I thought I had made peace with everyone, and even though I had forgiven, it had never before occurred to me to bless them. This can be a very difficult thing to do if we still carry the pain and hurt from the past. This is why it’s important that we try and look at these past hurts and try to gain a new perspective of them. We need to get to the place in our hearts where we hold unconditional love for ourselves and for those who have harmed us, so that we can offer it all up to God for transformation.


It is within the blessing that this happens.


Let’s look at the past, and ask for blessings on everyone, our family, our friends and most of all those who never held our highest good and wellbeing as a priority. Somewhere along the way, you eventually come to the understanding that these people are also just humans having a human experience, their spirt-self buried deep beneath their own pain and it’s my belief that these souls need our prayers the most. That’s my perspective.


We are all individuals, trying our best at what we call life. To be responsible for self, includes taking responsibility for every thought, action and choice. It’s the awareness that you have free choice and that those choices may not only impact your family and your friends, but also your soul.


We are spiritual beings, living a human life and with that comes trials and tribulations. It’s how we act, react, and create our thoughts, actions and beliefs that show how we have evolved in our journey of personal responsibility. We can only do our best on any given day. This may not be as good as yesterday or tomorrow but it is the recognition that it is our best for today.


Catching yourself in self judgements and learning to change those thoughts to an awareness brings emotional and spiritual growth.  When we open our mind, and shift our perspectives into awareness of how we think about ourselves, we become aware of the impact negative self-talk has compared to positive self-talk. Some of the benefits of taking personal responsibility are self-respect, self-love, confidence, courage, a higher self-esteem, and a greater desire to see those around you flourish.  When you feel positive about yourself, you have more energy and love to give out to your loved ones, your friends and your community.


Be responsible, one perspective at a time, and know that with everything you perceive, you must feel the truth of it first before believing what your eyes are telling you. Stand in the power of who you are, demanding of yourself to stand in your truth.


It’s not always easy to do that especially if you watch the news, or these reality tv shows that cut and paste scenes to create drama. Its takes the collective to make great change, but each one of us must accept responsibility for the part we play and begin to make changes within our own lives, taking greater personal responsibility for how we perceive and judge ourselves and others.


We are spiritual beings living a human life and yet we often forget that we also have the personal responsibility to our higher self, our soul and our connection to God, to be the best that we can possibly be. We came here to experience, to learn and to grow as spiritual beings, so when life gets tough, don’t judge it, just take another look and see if you can see it a different way.
















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