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Adelaide, South Australia


Surrender to the future

February 26, 2017

Death is not just the surrendering of our bodies when we transition to the Spirit World. Death also happens within the mental, emotional and spiritual self. Death may be seen as the end and the beginning but it is also the #surrender of the Self for your own growth and highest good. Death on the mental and emotional level is the surrender of your ego, no longer allowing it to control you but rather surrendering the control and bringing back into balance the Ego and Soul. Death within the Spiritual Self is somewhat similar, surrendering your Will for Gods Will, no longer thinking about yourself first and only, now thinking about all of mankind, the greater good of this Earth and all sentient BEings. Resistance to change ends today, Let Go and Grow. Be Open and Excited about what the future holds. #emilyhallinan #soultransformations360 #bebrave #life #death #change #surrender #letgo #grow #beopen

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