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Adelaide, South Australia


What does Spirit want for you?

February 11, 2017

Love, Peace and Hope.


Its a ridiculous question really because all we want is for you to be you. The best incarnation of your soul that you can manage. We ask this of you because not only does it please us to see you this way but because to be the best you shows us that human kind is evolving on a level much faster than we expected.


In the beginning we said, "Love, Peace and Hope". This is because when you incarnate these into your being, you become the best you. Easy Peasy really.


You make it so difficult for yourselves, these rules that you put into place. You believe them. You think by them. You live by them. You allow them to control your lives. Give them up. You don't need them.


This will always be the way. Go in peace to love and serve.


God Bless.


Adam, Amen.

(channeled through Emily Hallinan)


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