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Adelaide, South Australia



Seeking Clarity?  Not sure what to do?

Want your questions answered? 

Feeling Lost in who you are?

Looking for something different from your general psychic?  Emily has the unique ability to be able to "see" inside, "know" what's right, and is able to "hear" the truth through her "feelings".  You have all the answers already, but sometimes its difficult to know or see them for yourself. Emily helps you discern your truth by looking at who you are, and what is going on in your life now.  Know and Understand yourself, and you will have everything you need for the future.

Every session is unique as every person is different in their own needs and purpose.



Messages and Evidence from your Loved Ones in Spirit.



Channelled Messages from the Universe and your Guides



From Spirit, Through Spirit, To Spirit.


Emily is a Reiki Master, Quantum and Intuitive Healer. Each session is unique depending on the needs of the client. Clients remain fully dressed. Healing is preferably done in person for the clients relaxation but is still just as powerful by distance healing. 


BEing in the presence of Spirit is  deeply healing and to be deeply respected. The love and light felt during a healing session not only gives healing but clients are left with an understanding of what true peace feels like.