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Adelaide, South Australia


June 23, 2019

Today I wanted to get you thinking about your Perspective, the ones you hold about yourself, others and life.

Your perspective is your personal responsibility. As most of you are aware Personal Responsibility is one of the seven principles of Spiritualism and speaks to us about who we are and how we interact with life on a daily basis.

We can’t live without perspective.  It is truly one of those wondrous aspects of our ego which actually is an essential part of our well-being.  It helps us monitor where we are in life, keeps us safe and helps us navigate through choices that need to be made. Life comes at us from many angles. How we react to that, is our interpretation of the facts and what we perceive.

Perspectives aren’t just about people or personal situations but also about how we see the world. Lord knows the world isn’t perfect, but Then Neither are we. That’s the crux.

In old English Perspective means to “look at closely” or “through”. We should look at what perspectives we hol...

April 4, 2019

If you want your life to go a certain way, do you begin by visualising what you want? Do you imagine what it would feel like to live the life you want to live? Do you stop to imagine what it would sound like? Remember when you were little, I bet you daydreamed then a lot more then you do now. Daydreaming is a part of manifesting. Its where you see, feel and hear everything, in a different dimension. 

This month when you talk about your dreams and where you want to go, don't doubt yourself or your dream. What you seek, seeks you. Often we feel undeserving, or perhaps you're worried about coming across as too confident, egotistical or even conceited. If you can't have dreams and hopes, you'll never push yourself to achieve the possibility of being the best that you can be OR grabbing opportunities that come your way. Its just about balance, making sure your spiritual, emotional and physical worlds are in alignment.

October 3, 2017

From my August Newsletter and especially relevant today......

Absolutely do trust yourself and what your feelings are telling you. They speak the truth like no other mechanism in this world can. What an ability to have in this day of technology and advancement. For all your tricks, it is your innate ability to listen to yourself that brings you the ability to know what is right or wrong, what is truth or lie, what is love and not love.  Come together my friends and bring each other the love and sunshine needed.  For I foresee the future as one filled with compassion for others and for self. Is it any wonder that I reach out to so many on a daily basis searching for the truth in man, searching for the truth in humanity, searching for the love in mankind.  Without you we cannot succeed in advancing this world to one of peace. It all starts with you.

By whatever name you wish to call me, I am known as Love.

June 16, 2017

Jesus says that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Why then does one struggle more than the other? It is only when one is more awake than the other that he realizes that his struggles are no more or no less then his brothers. It is with discipline of the soul and the mind that must come together as one to overcome these struggles. We have no ready answers for you, loved ones, as this is the beginning of a long and somewhat torturous journey you are on to learn the simplicities of life along with the complexities. And so it is. 

I am Adam. 

Adam refers to the verse John 13:16

March 9, 2017

Balance and Wisdom can be achieved when invoking the eight spoked wheel. Not always an easy feat especially if the Ego is in control. Take a deep breath, focus on centering yourself, bringing your attention back to your heart space of love. Breathe. 

Ask yourself am I Being of Right Thinking?

Right Speech? 

Right Action?

Right View?

Right Concentration?

Right Mindfulness?

Right Diligence?

Right Livelihood?

Begin focusing on one spoke at a time, until such time that you no longer have to catch yourself and change your way of BEing into RIGHT. Choosing to focus on wheel leads to great spiritual growth, balance and wisdom. 

The eight spoked wheel also known as the Dharma wheel symbolizes the teachings of Buddha.

February 26, 2017

Death is not just the surrendering of our bodies when we transition to the Spirit World. Death also happens within the mental, emotional and spiritual self. Death may be seen as the end and the beginning but it is also the #surrender of the Self for your own growth and highest good. Death on the mental and emotional level is the surrender of your ego, no longer allowing it to control you but rather surrendering the control and bringing back into balance the Ego and Soul. Death within the Spiritual Self is somewhat similar, surrendering your Will for Gods Will, no longer thinking about yourself first and only, now thinking about all of mankind, the greater good of this Earth and all sentient BEings. Resistance to change ends today, Let Go and Grow. Be Open and Excited about what the future holds. #emilyhallinan #soultransformations360 #bebrave #life #death #change #surrender #letgo #grow #beopen

February 21, 2017

The Circle of Self is one of balance. First look within to see if all 4 areas of self are being recognized and loved. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of self work together weaving in, out and through each other in every thought and action every second of the day. This is then mirrored in your home life. Look at your partnership, your family, the people who you share your home with. Is it balanced? Look again at the 4 areas within these relationships. The physical (e.g. household duties, financial obligations) The mental (e.g. the way you are spoken to, feeling safe and confident to BE YOU) and emotional (e.g. support, empathy, love) The spiritual (e.g. the core values and morals)

February 11, 2017

Love, Peace and Hope.

Its a ridiculous question really because all we want is for you to be you. The best incarnation of your soul that you can manage. We ask this of you because not only does it please us to see you this way but because to be the best you shows us that human kind is evolving on a level much faster than we expected.

In the beginning we said, "Love, Peace and Hope". This is because when you incarnate these into your being, you become the best you. Easy Peasy really.

You make it so difficult for yourselves, these rules that you put into place. You believe them. You think by them. You live by them. You allow them to control your lives. Give them up. You don't need them.

This will always be the way. Go in peace to love and serve.

God Bless.

Adam, Amen.

(channeled through Emily Hallinan)

January 6, 2017

Everyone has an opinion, ideas and thoughts on what 2017 is going to present to you and to the world. There is so much fear coming from tragic world events, media and social networks at times that it’s hard to not get sucked into it all.  It’s not about not being compassionate and aware, but in order to make changes, to thrive and to grow, we must remain solid within ourselves and our own positivity and possibilities for how we would like the world and our lives to be.  Try not to get caught up in the dramas and for doing so will not give you the ability to see the bigger picture.

Life has been changing for generations, time will not stop the change.

Who gets to decide what justice is? You? Your government? The People? The governed law? Or the Universal Law?  Who am I to say which is right or wrong? We must stop judging others and put our hand out in peace and understanding, forgiveness and love.

We are done with the past, there is only now and how you perceive your own well-being in...

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